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introduction of aramesh sazan pishro a company

ARAMESH SAZAN PISHRO CO. affiliated to Askarie Credit Institution and a subsidiary company of Omid Tous Capital Management Holding was incorporated on 10.10.2009 to exist as a private joint-stock company and was registered under Reg. No. 358037 in Department for Registration of Companies and Industrial Properties of Tehran

Objectives of the Company:
  •  Importing, exporting and buying and selling all authorized commercial goods such as home audio-visual devices and their accessories and industrial and agricultural parts and appliances, automobile spare parts, all kinds of medicine and pharmaceutical supplements, consumable and lasting medical equipment, biomedical engineering and medical devices and appliances, all kinds of cosmetic and sanitary materials, after obtainment of required licenses. 

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Contact us

No. 143, 4th Alley, Beheshti Ave, Qaem Maqam Farahani Ave., Tehran, Iran